Today I am pausing to send beloved #ThankYouThursday gratitude and appreciation to Detroit native, Jason Wilson. Jason is no stranger to the Black Male Achievement movement, as his vision and mission with the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy has garnered world-wide praise and attention for providing Black men and boys with a platform and practice to transform their trauma and emotional incarceration into lives of healing and self-love.

We’re especially excited and grateful for Jason this week for the release of his second book, Battle Cry: Waging and Winning the War Within, in which he equips us with the mental and spiritual weapons needed to wage and win our inner wars by demonstrating how to:

  • Master our emotions rather than be ruled by them;
  • Win internal battles before they become external wars;
  • Reject the world’s definition of masculinity and embrace comprehensive manhood;
  • Release trauma from your past so you can live fully to your potential in the present. 

Battle Cry’s message is timely during September’s National Suicide Prevention Month activities to stem the alarming wave of suicide among Black boys and men, with the conviction that “you can live beyond the limitations of your mind and finally experience the life you’ve always longed for. You can break through what you’ve been through. It’s time to win the war within!” We encourage you to order your copy of Battle Cry today and share the news of the release on social media using the hashtag #WagingWarWithin.

I’m also grateful for Jason’s endorsement of our book, where he describes I Too Am America as a “blueprint for loving and leading Black men and boys.” Just as importantly, the book is a compass for leading us on a journey to loving ourselves.

I am so excited to join Jason soon in the ranks of published authors, as my first book, I Too Am America: On Loving and Leading Black Men & Boys, co-written with Nick Chiles, will be released on November 15th. I have described this book project as an enlightening and liberating excavation of the soul and can’t wait for its arrival to the world.