Our country is facing a reckoning on race.

Right now, America is rumbling with a long and sordid history of systemic violence and oppression waged against Black communities. The 2020 murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in the midst of a global pandemic ignited a wave of international protests and activism – a transformative moment analogous to how Emmett Till’s murder helped catalyze the Civil Rights Movement 65 years ago.

What we’re facing is the fierce urgency of empathy and dismantling of long-standing barriers that have prevented Black people from realizing their full potential in America. Research from the Opportunity Agenda reveals that stories of our lived experiences, more so than data and numbers, is what evokes the empathy that changes hearts and minds.

I Too Am America: On Loving and Leading Black Men Boys – equal parts memoir, historical account of the Campaign of Black Male Achievement, and a manifesto for the path forward – provides readers with insights and inspiration that humanizes the stories of Black men and boys, while offering strategic recommendations on how we accelerate America’s racial reckoning.

Ahead of its official release on August 28, 2021,
‘I Too Am America’ is now available for pre-order starting today!