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Released on the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Hill Insurrection, I Too Am America: On Loving and Leading Black Men & Boys is equal parts memoir and historical telling of the Black Male Achievement movement, exploring the paradox of promise and peril facing today’s Black men and boys.

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I Too Am America is a special book written by special men. Shawn graciously shares his lessons of leadership, love, and sacrifice for the world to see and learn from, and we all should be truly grateful. Nick Chiles also lends his time and talent, and his amazing experiences to the pages of this incredible book. This book should be read, analyzed, and copied to make our world a better place.”


- Wes Moore, NY Times bestselling author, Philanthropist

Our country is facing a reckoning on race relations. The 2020 murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others ignited a racial justice and social change wave analogous to how Emmett Till's murder catalyzed the Civil Rights Movement 65 years ago.

Research from the Opportunity Agenda reveals that stories of our lived experiences, more so than data and numbers, is what evokes the empathy that changes hearts and minds.

As the nation grapples with the fierce urgency of empathy, I Too Am America provides readers with insights, inspiration that humanizes the stories of Black men and boys, while offering strategic recommendations on how we move from racial reckoning to racial resolution.

“In I Too Am America Shawn Dove illuminates the challenges of being a young black man in America with grace and wisdom – but more than that, he sets a path forward that is at clear-eyed, realistic and also relentlessly hopeful.”

Christina Lewis

Philanthropist and Founder of Allstar Code
“Shawn Dove and Nick Chiles’ I Too Am America: On Loving and Leading Black Men & Boys is essential reading for anyone concerned with the future of Black men and boys – and anyone concerned with the future of America as a whole. Dove and Chiles bring unparalleled experience, compelling stories and a deep bedrock of empathy to this book, giving readers unique insight into the lives and stories of Black men and how what impacts one of us impacts us all. Read this book, savor it and share with a friend – I can’t recommend it heartily enough!”

Joshua Dubois

CEO of Gauge, Founder of Values Partnerships, Inc and Bestselling Author of The President’s Devotional: Daily Readings that Inspired President Obama
“Shawn Dove is one of the nation’s top leaders in Black male achievement. His sacrificial work and service was a catalyst for igniting a movement that developed and empowered black leaders like myself to bring healing to our communities. Learn from him, this is the blueprint for loving and leading black men and boys.”

Jason Wilson

CEO of the Yunion & Founder of The Cave of Adullam, Bestselling Author of Cry Like a Man